Zoom up effect navigation menu
Feb 29, 2020

For one of the days of 100DaysOfCode challenge, I was messing around ideas around creating interesting hamburger menus. One interesting concept was to present the menu at the top of the page and minimise the page content.

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Creating a wave effect with CSS and SVG
Feb 23, 2020

As part of my New Year’s resolution, I have been putting in 1-2 hours a day to do the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I mostly focus on front-end stuff since I am quite new at this. This post will detail how I created a wave effect using CSS animations and SVGs.

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How to parse CSV data in JavaScript
Feb 17, 2020

A common requirement that comes up is reading the data from CSV (Comma Separated Values) files with JavaScript. In this post, I will detail on how I did it in the browser with a JavaScript library Papa Parse

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Chrome DevTools tip - disabling the cache
Feb 15, 2020

Quick tip in Chrome DevTools to disable the cache when developing. Browsers cache front-end content like JavaScript, CSS to improve browsing experience. However this is painful when you are developing a website since you need to see the results straight away instead of the cache.

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Different methods to filter a JavaScript array of objects
Feb 11, 2020

One of the common operations when working with arrays is filtering them down. I will go through a few different ways that we can filter out a JavaScript array.

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Simple CSS reset code
Feb 9, 2020

A quick CSS reset based on Meyer’s CSS Reset.

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Using CSS to highlight images not containing the 'alt' attribute
Feb 9, 2020

Use CSS to highlight any images within our webpage that does not have the alt attribute. This will help us improve the accessiblity of our web site.

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